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Lake Claremont
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Maylands golf course

Golf Oracle is a family owned and operated golf facility management company based in Perth with over 22 years of experience. Our emphasis on providing the highest level of service to all stakeholders has been a key catalyst in the development of the company, as we strive to deliver the best golf courses and golfing experiences in the Perth region.      

Embelton golf course
Armadale Golf Course
The Springs Club

Golf Oracle has been instrumental in the growth of the Maylands Peninsula Public Golf Course, Embleton Public Golf Course and more recently the upgrades to the Armadale Golf Course and Lake Claremont Golf Course. 

Our personnel bring a diverse range of skills and a breadth of knowledge in the fields of golf & hospitality, allowing us to develop attainable strategic goals across all facets of the company. 


We truly believe that golf course conditions are a critical component of the customer experience and subsequently to customer loyalty. Golf Oracle continues to refine its course maintenance practices to ensure that our teams produce a product that is fiscally responsible, operationally sustainable, and appealing to golfers of all skill levels - all in a way that efficiently conforms to the financial framework of the company and our clients.


COVID-19 Protocols

- maximum of 4 players per tee time.

- bookings are compulsory, please call ahead or click the link below

We ask that you don't visit us if you are feeling a bit under the weather, and that all of our customers continue to practise social distancing and personal hygiene measures during the pandemic.

The TeeBox Cafe is open - bookings are essential for seated meals